and it was all yellow.

Friday, 18 April 2014

{Dress - Lady Petrova; earrings - Pree Brulee}
Every once in a while, when the world slows down to a more languid pace, one finds the time to recover from the week's agendas that were spilling over from one meeting to the next and to pause the mind - even if only for an ephemeral moment - from lingering to the inevitably tumultuous week ahead…
And is there any lovelier way of instilling a little sartorial sunshine into our lives than wearing top-to-toe yellow? An instantaneous mood booster; sometimes colour is the best therapy!

Much love, Mandy. xx

{Images, as always, by the beautiful Love Yaz}

Cherry {and yet another giveaway!}.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

{Knit coat - c/o 6KS; top - Sportsgirl; shorts - Bec & Bridge; necklace - Pree Brulee}

Upon the acquisition of a new abode and the subsequent arrangements of one's wardrobe, have come to realise how frugally I utilise colour in my sartorial routines and consequently am planning to add a burst of colour this season starting with bold cerise rouge hues flung over existing white basics...

And you too can add colour to your wardrobe as the lovely people at 6KS are ever so generously giving this gorgeous knit to one of my lovely readers. As always, the conditions are simple and is open worldwide:

(1) Follow my blog on Facebook or Instagram (@frocks_frivolities)
(2) Comment on this post with your email address

Good luck pretty things and hope your week ahead is beautiful!

Much love, Mandy.  xx

{Images, as always, by my favourite Love Yaz}


Sunday, 2 March 2014

{Romper - Stone Cold Fox Love Jumper; glasses - Karen Walker}

Suddenly, without any warning, autumn is upon us in Australia and though it may seem all too easy to lament the shorter days and the absence of coconut oiled beach escapades, there is an abundantly enormous list of things to look forward to including lovely drapey knits, cold Sunday mornings with a good book amid tumultuous quilts, copious quantities of warm lattes, and even warmer hugs...

Hope your weekend was gorgeous and that the week ahead is splendid!

Much love, Mandy xx

Images {as always} by the lovely Love Yaz

and the winner is...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Am truly sincerely apologetic about the delays in this much anticipated blog post but my home internet decided to capitulate at the most inconvenient of moments and was only rectified until yesterday ... but without further ado, the winner of this beautiful clutch by The Luxe Project is ... 

@minglepringle {via Instagram!} 

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who entered and because there was so much delay with this competition, there will be another one soon so do stay in touch!

Hoping you all had a splendid weekend!

Much love, Mandy. xxx

peaches & cream.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

{Jacket - Ellery from Adrenalin Boutique; dress - Zimmermann; bag - Jerome Dreyfuss; shoes - Valentino; watch - Michael Kors}

In faithful commitment to my sweet tooth, comparisons in life are often referenced to dessert and my preferences tend to err on the side of the saccharine. Inevitably, one cannot help but think that this is the sartorial equivalent of peaches and cream, with a trickle of salted caramel... 

...And even sweeter yet, the delectable dress/jacket combination of Australian designers with their pristine tailoring and nonchalant aesthetic has one beckoning for seconds...

Have a gorgeous week, everyone!

Much love, Mandy xx

{P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway!}

Images by the beautiful Love Yaz <3 

Australian dream.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

{Coat - c/o 6KS; top - Sportsgirl; shorts - Bec & Bridge; necklace - Pree Brulee}

To say I am besotted with Australia would be an understatement of great severity and as a tribute to this beautiful country, a {somewhat restrained} list of why anyone would be just as enamoured:

cerulean seas and pristine sands
balmy summer evenings
intoxicating humidity
sea salt lingering in tousled hair
carefree, free-spirited beings
coconut oil
golden sunkissed skin
dappled light & ocean breezes

the infinite possibility of dreams.

Happy Australia Day everyone! Could not possibly be prouder to be an Aussie. <3 

Much love, Mandy. xx

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New beginnings {& a giveaway!}.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

{Top - Wilde Willow; shorts - Bec & Bridge (old season); clutch - The Luxe Project; shoes - Jeffrey Campbell}

Images by my favourite Love Yaz. <3 

Am not even going to begin to deny that the space between now and the last post has been one occupied by a rather hectic agenda - certainly the most glamorous side of being a doctor...

But finally, finally, have summoned some time in between the long arduous hours in the hospital to spend in the golden Australian sunshine with family, friends, and even watch my beautiful cousin marry her love {oh Mei-Yan, what a joyous day!} - such a luxury that I habitually took for granted in the formative years...

...And to apologise profusely for the terribly rude absence, I have collaborated with the incredible team at The Luxe Project and am hosting a giveaway for the absolutely lovely clutch featured in this post. 

This is a collaboration I am particularly fond of as I find myself drawn to ethical and sustainable fashion choices that don't compromise on style - and The Luxe Project are impossibly perfect purveyors of gorgeous accessories that add charm and vivacity to any outfit. Their one-of-a-kind accessories are absolutely obligatory for tropical summer holidays and languid beach trips but the ultimate clincher is their holistic, sustainable ethos that is becoming an increasingly important consideration in my recent purchases.

To enter, simply:
(1) Like The Luxe Project on Facebook or follow them on Instagram {@theluxeproject}
(2) Like this blog on Facebook or follow on Instagram {@frocks_frivolities}
(3) Comment on this post, Facebook, or Instagram so I know you've entered!

The competition will close on February 3 :) 

Sending love, as always, and wishing you all a splendid week!
Mandy xxx

the golden hour.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

{Top - Cameo the label; skirt - BCBG Maxazria; watch - Michael Kors}

Images by the loveliest Love Yaz. <3 

...And amid mountains of forgotten paperwork and an inbox overflowing with unopened emails, we suddenly find ourselves in the heat of the Australian summer with Christmas astonishingly almost upon us. 

It's interesting how travelling the world opens one's eyes to the beauty on your very own doorstep. These images were taken in the neighbourhood that I grew up in and yet, I only just realised how lovely the sun sets on these LA-esque streets, imbuing them with a perfect golden hue of light. Utterly whimsical and yet completely taken for granted all these years. 

Apologies for the delayed post but have been busy busy busy with many exciting projects, which I am bursting to tell you all about very very soon...

Have a scintillating week and sending copious amounts of sunshine to my readers in the colder parts of the world. <3

Much love, Mandy. xx

{P.S. Sending an enormous amount of love to my darling friend Brookie, who has been ever so supportive over the last few weeks - you are treasured friend! <3}

Happiness : {the frocks & other frivolities' guide}.

Monday, 4 November 2013

And sometimes, in the most impossibly transcendent means, there are blessed times when your dreams become glittering stars in the most perfectly aligned constellation, which has been the last few weeks for me in a nutshell ... and since it is Monday, and a fresh new week, felt the need to share a list that brings warmth to the heart and happiness to the soul:

long languorous weekends
ice cream, copious amounts of it
golden sundrenched skin
working towards childhood dreams
living the childhood dreams
relentless laughter
the dreamy summer sun on the cusp of setting
chlorine lingering in the hair after a morning swim
ocean breeze after a run
witnessing your baby brother grow
vertiginous billowing curtains
sour gummy candy
small, but significant, accomplishments at work
the timbre of rain against a window
coral lipstick


Hope this inspires you to find your own happy list this week.

Much love, Mandy. xx

{Images by the impossibly lovely Love Yaz}


Sunday, 27 October 2013

{Bag 1 - Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Leopard bag; Bag 2 - Oliver Line Backer clutch}

Images by the lovely Love Yaz <3 

Of pervasive utility these days:

The first, in its perfectly spotted graphic and deceptively ample interior, has become a weekend staple to nonchalantly throw over any minimalist outfit (or as I have done, with leopard on leopard). 

The second has been a trend hero and salvages even the most basic of outfits on days when there is too much sun to tan in and pristine beaches to lie languorously on to deliberate over complex outfit decisions...

Much love, Mandy. xx


Sunday, 20 October 2013

{Dress - "Belinda frock" custom made c/o Elisabeth Mary Smith; belt - market; floral wreath - ASOS; shoes - Jeffrey Campbell}

Images, as always, by the lovely Love Yaz <3 

 ...And again, it was one of those weeks that passed in a flurry of wonderful events and inevitably, this post has come at a time that is {not so} fashionably late but there are so many gorgeous things in store for the weeks ahead and exciting news impending so I promise you it is worth the lengthy intervals between posts! 

Of all the frocks I have worn on this blog, this one gifted so generously by the lovely people at Elisabeth Mary Smith is perhaps most congruent to my personal style with its overtly effeminate aesthetic and flattering contour, which imparts it with an incredibly high frolic factor {perfect for languorous Sundays spent in mountainous vineyards beneath cloudless blue skies}. In this world of mass production, it is an absolute rarity to find a label that pays attention to meticulous details - from the exquisite bespoke designs tailored to fit you to perfection to the delicate brown paper packaging that induces the childhood giddiness evoked at Christmas. Moreoever, their elegant and classic designs means that you will covet their delightful frocks for many seasons to come. <3

...And further, you may recall from my previous post that I am in the process of economising my wardrobe, wanted to show you how a simple cap-sleeved frock can be styled into a romantic off-shoulder gown with the zipper done up only partially and the addition of a few discerning tucks! :) 

Much love and have a gorgeous week ahead, Mandy. xx

Common denominator.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

{Bomber jacket - Cameo; dress - Finders Keepers; clutch - Oliver the label all from Lalabazaar boutique; shoes - Guess}

Images by the infinitely exquisite Love Yaz.

With the recent acquisition of a new abode (oh yes, beautifully exciting times indeed!) and a few other lovely side projects, there has necessitated a serious means of economising my wardrobe and ensuring maximal utility from minimal pieces. Whether this delightful bomber jacket is nonchalantly slung over the shoulders, tied at the waist, or worn the conventional way (as in my previous post), I love the diversity of permutations created from the same elements. 

In a time where sustainability is an incredibly chic sartorial ethos to possess, I hope this post has inspired you to instil some creativity into your life and create different looks from your wardrobe too! 

Much love, Mandy. xx